Q: Where are your items made?

Ans: Nigeria is our pilot country for now however, we plan to expand to other African countries soon

Q: What cloth sizing options do you have? How do I confirm you have my size?

Ans: We have various sizes for both male, female and children clothing. If not sure about your size, confirm with the size guide on the cloth product page of the website before purchase

Q: My sizing isn’t available. Can I get a custom order made?

Ans: Some of our vendors can make custom orders for you if your unique measurement is not on the size chart. To help you achieve this, you can buy a tape measure and watch the video in the link below for instructions on how to self-measure in easy steps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79lpccawmB8.

Q: I can’t find the design I’m looking for on your website. Can you custom make it for me if I provide pictures?

Ans: For sure! You’ll find we’re pretty amenable. If something isn’t showcased online on our website just shoot us an email at taluzi.nigeria@gmail.com with a picture of your design/item and your measurements and we will discuss custom-making it for you

Q: Are the clothes dry clean only or can I machine-wash them?

Ans: Most of our clothes can be machine washed on a cold cycle and tumble tried on low heat. To be safe, double check the care instructions on the inside tag to make sure

Q: Can I feel the fabric swatches before I order?

Ans: No, we cannot send fabric swatches at this time

Q: Can I pay in United States dollars or other foreign currency?

Ans: The sales price of each product is in Naira with an approximate US dollar equivalent provided based on an exchange rate of 1 Naira to 365 US dollars. However, payment can be made with credit cards denominated with any currency. Note the actual payment will be based on the card currency to Naira exchange rate at the time the transaction is processed and will likely vary somewhat from the US dollar equivalent shown on the site.

Q: What mode of payments are accepted?

Ans: We accept Paypal, and Credit/Debit cards. Kindly click on the link for more info. https://taluzi.com/mode-of-payment/

Q: What is the Picture standard for prospective Vendors on TALUZI mall?

Ans: We request the following recommendations be adhered to by our vendors.
Background – A bright background that makes the design pop out
Recommended Resolution – 1200 X 800 pixels (for clothing)
800 X 600 pixels (for accessories etc)
A model is preferred to a mannequin for the item(s) photoshoot.
Pictures provided should not be covered with vendors signature (to allow clients and prospects have a
very good look at what’s in store.
Avoid a shadow cast on/of the image during a photoshoot.

Q: How do I register and upload pictures of my work?

Ans: You may do well to visit our Youtube channel and watch a video already made to assist you with this.
Click on the link below to get started.