Why Sell with Us

Designers and vendors of Africa-inspired fashion products and accessories are encouraged to sell under TaLUZi to help expand their scope of customer influence to the US and other major markets. Showcase your products on TaLUZi and let thousands of retailers find you. Sign up with quick easy steps here

How to Register as a Vendor and Upload pictures of your Designs

Before registering/wjile registering on Taluzi as a Vendor, you may have to visit our FAQ and click on our Youtube channel that will take you to a video instruction to guide you on this. Click on the link below



  • TaLUZi takes 18% commission on the vendor sales price of each item (note an additional $2 is added to the vendor sales price of each item to cover fees associated with transferring money to vendors for items sold. Payments to vendors in Nigeria are made in Naira at the rate of $1=N350)
  • TaLUZi has other fees for services such as: 1) featured product placement, (2) newsletter advertising, (3) social media advertising, (4) trunk shows, (5) influencer marketing